SZCG E-Commerce Center

SZCG E-Commerce Center positively explores effective mechanism in industry information construction, expands application field of grain internet of Things, builds grain regional logistics demonstration system, and practically promotes healthy and rapid development of grain internet of Things. SZCG E-Commerce Center takes Grain Logistics System as core competence, develops information systems including RFID grain storage logistics system, grain storage visible logistics system, grain supply chain management, realizing digitized, informationized and intelligent supervision of entire process from grain production to consumption, and this system helps gain the titleNational Internet of Things Major Application Demonstration Project granted by National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance. Electronic Center also undertakes multiple national level research projects, contributing to information development of grain industry, and many information project achievements have been rewarded at state level and province level. Besides, Electronic Commerce Center gives full play to advantage of independent property right.It has obtained 5 invention patents, 14 national computer software copyrights and participated in compiling 1 industry informatization standard so far. On Nationwide Grain Scientific Innovation Conference in 2014, Wu Zidan, deputy director of State Grain Administration, spoke highly of information construction progress made by Shenzhen Cereals Group in his work report and fully acknowledged substantial role that Shenzhen Cereals Group played in application demonstration project of the Internet of Things of grains.

Grain Logistics System (SZCG GLS)- Information product that  knows grain industry the best.

GLS is a information management system specially made by Shenzhen Cereals Group Co., Ltd. for grain industry. Shenzhen Cereals GLS System provides operators, managers, decision-makers and grain consumers truthfully with timely and effective information through carrying out effective collection, delivering, clearing, managing and controlling, analysis and presentation of data of different links through entire grain industry chain.

GLS is capable of handling massive data. Data sharing and service invocation between various systems and platforms can be realized through establishing enterprise service bus (ESB). The system covers all the elements of the entire grain industry chain, integrates various business sections of grain sources, processing, storage, quality inspection, logistics, transaction, finance, office and human resource management,  realizing comprehensive informationization  of grain storage and logistics through utilizing internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and other new generation information technology.

Users can choose to install SZCG GLS as a whole, and they can also choose certain modules according to their need. For instance, storage enterprise can select purchasing, sale and storage management modules in storage management; operating company can select electronic commerce transaction module; eligible large scale enterprise can input RFID equipment and RFID management module to realize radio frequency identification management of putting grain in storage, delivery of grain from storage, preservation and transportation; small and medium sized enterprises can realize information management of grain by computer and mobiles through selecting independent applied storage management module.

SZCG GLS can also act as supporting system of grain department at different levels to carry out supervision. Shenzhen Cereals GLS is committed to solving industry management and controlling problems, such as sending grains from the North to the South, making inventory check of warehouse, food safety trace mechanism, grain emergency security, and grain service public information platform.  This is an important part of Major Application Demonstration Project of National Internet of Things sponsored by National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance in grain industry.