Reserve Branch

Shenzhen Cereals Group Co., Ltd. Reserve Branch Company is a professional management service enterprise of grain storage in Shenzhen. It implements uniform storage and management for grains reserve business of this level in Shenzhen through strategic adjustment in 2007. At present, it manages three warehouses in Pinghu, Shuguang and Sungang. And Pinghu grain reserve warehouse is facilitated with squat silos, which are equipped with advanced equipment and largest multi-storied warehouse in the country.

With a professional grain reserve talents team,  comprehensive grain storage warehouse, the company applies scientific grain reserve technology, advanced management information network and high efficient in and out of storage system, to guarantee both quality and quantity safety of grains in storage, and ensure smooth throughput of the storage. Branch Company implements the strategy of real time monitoring grain in storage, accurately controlling grain status change, strengthening inspection and detection of grain quality at the time of in or out of the storage, which improves grain inspection and detection system and enhances grain status monitoring and early warning system, to guarantee grain storage safety. Meanwhile, it actively promotes information construction, adopts RFID technology and slip sheet devicest, introduces intelligent mechanical arm, improving efficiency of in-and-out of warehouse, and realizing grain reserve informatization and intellectualization. Furthermore, the company brings grain storage resources into full play, exerts great efforts on the research on low temperature storage technology, the grain warranty period, tempering key technology, storage facilities technical innovation and other research subjects, vigorously exploring new technology for preserving and storing grains.