Chairman Speech

2015 has gone, and 2016 is coming vigorously. SZCG, the young “long-established corporation” will witness its 67th anniversary of development and will gather the power to embrace opportunities and to resist risks.

Looking back on the 12th “five year” plan, we have been through the hardships of commencing the deepening of the overall reforms, the magnificence of the change of time. We shall bear the dream of “Century SZCG” in mind, and put our faith into practice; we shall keep enriching ourselves, and forge ahead while in vulnerable positions. Rather than sticking to our dream when implementing corporation transformation, we prefer to call it self-challenge and self-breakthrough on the course of making dream come true. Under the background of “New Normal”, “the Belt and Road Initiative” and “Internet+”, we shall recognize that although we are minor, we can make difference as long as we insist. We keep advancing ourselves in steady and vigorous paces, each of which contributes to our rapid growth in 7 consecutive years and turns into inspiring development achievements. 

The year 2015 has witnessed several great events: the continually adjustment in the grain industry, the profound accumulation in the growth of the grain market, as well as SZCG’s progress during hard times. Added registered capital in place reflects the trust and confidence in us from government at all levels. We embrace change, and will continue to draw SZCG’s 12th “five year” development vision with hope, responsibility and innovation.

During last year, SZCG has strived to be responsible for people’s livelihood, accomplishing the task of increasing grain and oil reserve with quality and quantity secured. We keep optimizing and strengthening our major business, the grain and oil sector, and keep deepening the building of “3 in 1” grain and oil supply network. Based on Shenzhen, we boast a national view and has walked into public horizon by the third-party quality inspection organization. We keep strengthening communication and continuous innovation to spread our informationization achievements in the grain industry and have them applied.

Some people may call 2015 the year of Economic Winter, but among which hides SZCG’s seed of faith. After accumulating energy, the seed would break through the frozen ground and sprout the leaves of hope. The smooth progress of Dongguan Logistics Node project, the successful breakthrough of Northeast Grain Base project, as well as the firm belief in the construction of Grain supply chain all together contribute greatly to SZCG’s 12th “five year” plan.

Looking back, the trust and support from every staffs, customers, partners of SZCG have become the footstone for us. Looking forward, we will all be part of SZCG’s future. The road to future lies under our feet, yet long and tortuous, we’ll reach there as long as we keep advancing. We are bound to cooperate with each other, strengthen internal management and seek for external development in 2016, so as to converge the belief and determination of “creating another SZCG” into tremendous power that can push further transformation. Focusing on becoming an excellent service provider in the grain supply chain, we’re going to build  more open development patterns.

On behalf of SZCG, I sincerely wish each and every staff of SZCG as well as friends who have supported our growth all the best in the following year!